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Why Sun Well Solar

Item Subject Sun Well Solar Other Competitors
1 Classification criteria Average 2.5Wp plus beneficial to customers for SWS's nominal power is subject to a tolerance of -0%/+5%. e.g. 95Wp > 90Wp Module Power >= 90Wp
  • Tolerance: -10/+10%, -5/+5%, or -3%/+3%
  • e.g. 92.5Wp > 90Wp Module Power >= 87.5Wp
2 BOS cost Due to higher efficiency, BOS and land cost are reduced.
Eff. = 7.0% (1100 x1300mm2, 100Wp)
  • Eff. = 5.3% (635 x1245mm2, 42Wp)
  • Eff. = 6.3% (960 x990mm2, 60Wp)
3 Shipping cost SWS's package solution can reduce shipping cost. (total 88kW PV modules in one 40 in HQ container)
  • total 42kW in one 40 in container
  • total 66kW in one 40 in container
4 Electrical protection for module SWS uses bypass diode for each module.
Bypass diode can reduce the shadowing losses and potential damage to the modules and arrays.
Bypass diode is not seen as a standard for each module.
5 Mechanical strength SWS provides better strength using tempered back glass.
  • Tedlar back sheet
  • Thermal-strengthened glass
6 Power warranty 80% for 20 years
Guarantee power = maximum tolerance = 100% nominal power (maximum tolerance -0% /+5%) x 80% degradation = 80
  • 80% for 25 years
    Guarantee power = minimum tolerance(-5%/+5%) x 80% = 95% nominal power x 80% degradation = 76%
  • 80% for 25 years
    Guarantee power = 97% nominal power(maximum tolerance -3% /+3%)x 80% degradation = 77.6%
7 Quality and safety certification IEC-61646 and IEC-61730 safety class II are certified by TUV Rheinland. Some companies have no production resume for each module.
8 Production resume Each module has a unique ID with complete production resume for further trace. Some companies have no production resume for each module.
9 Production capacity SWS has proven capability of 50MW/y. Some companies have 25MW/y or less capacity.
10 Production line reliability and product quality SWS uses a highly automated and reliable production line to ensure consistently high quality products. Some companies use less automation.
11 Handling The dimension and weight of SWS's panels can be handled by a single person. Some companies produce 2.2mx2.6m panels, which is difficult to handle without special tools and equipment.
12 Package Patented package solution is used.
(reusable materials, safety package and easy to unpack)
Laser drilling to make the function of see-through
13 See-through technology Semi-transparent is due to without metal electrode Semi-transparent is due to without metal electrode
14 Semi-transparent module
  SWS Semi-transparent module
Transmittance 20.0%
Pmpp 90 Wp
Efficiency 6.3 %
Power Density 62.9 Wp/m2
High transmittance and high power density.
See-through module
Transmittance 5%
Pmpp 50 Wp
Efficiency 5.37 %
Power Density 53.7 Wp/m2
Low transmittance and low power density.
(active layers are removed by laser drilling)
15 Appearance
Semi-transparent module with natural and comfortable color.
See-through module made by laser drilling shows a mesh-look appearance.


Date : 2016/10/12 ~ 2016/10/14
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1,TAIWAN


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