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a-Si PV Power Plant for 3.36 MWp (since 2008)

System Information
System capacity: 3.36 MWp
Module: SWS a-Si (WD-A-CC-0871/-0872: 39,000pcs)
Location: Zahna, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Installation time: 2008/10 ~ 2009/3
Accumulated power generation : 4,626,434 kWh (2009/1/01 ~ 2010/6/30)
Average daily yield: 2.88 kWh/kWp/day (2009/4/01 ~ 2010/6/30)
Performance analysis 3.36 PV Power Plant
1. This system was installed and on-gridded by phases. The whole system was completed in March 2009.
2. Power generated from Oct to Feb is lower than that of simulation due to modules covered by snow.
3. Bad weather in May 2010.
(2009/04/01- 2010/06/30)
Generated watt-power (kWh) Average daily yield (kWh/kWp/day Yield difference
Simulation 4,319,874 2.82 Ref.
Actual operation 4,415,240 2.88 +2.2%


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LPCVD for in-house TCO deposition

Optimal mounting system for flat roofs, called Areo-10